A message from the army

We hear from the army again, saying now we all take the vaccine, they will enter the campus to make their base here for Beijing operations. We respond that there is not enough vaccine for everybody, and we test a small group first, that we need more time, but they do not answer. We prepare to defend ourselves, with traps and weapons made from what we have – garden tools, laboratory chemicals, glass bottles and a little petrol from the cars that are parked here. Also, with cameras and live feeds to many Socnets around the world. Not long ago, the government praised us for our independence. All the world, all that is left, will now see how their soldiers take it from us.

We all had our army training before we begin university, but I was one of those who think this is an extra school exam for a subject that does not interest me, that I must pass but no need to be top of the class. Many of us think this way – we are the best in our school years, we know we will have a place at Peking University. When will we need this skill?

We discuss tactics and do a training exercise here each morning. We think they will not try to shoot us, but when they come into the campus they may bring the disease with them, and this is worse than guns. All our hard work, and all our grief, it was for nothing if we only get the disease from the soldiers now. The Party say we should have allowed them in at the start, so we can negotiate a way to avoid close contact. Now, we must keep them out, or I think we will lose all unity and everything we have fought for.

Zhen blames himself. He will not say so, but Li sees it, and she tells me. I worry for him, and for all of us. A short time ago, we felt strong enough to hold the campus, we had a victory and could do anything. Now we feel helpless, and everybody looks to Zhen to be strong and know what we must do, like he is a different kind of person, just because we vote him for the leader. Everybody waits for what the committee will say, and the committee waits for what Zhen will say – but he goes to his room near the beginning of the committee meeting, saying not to disturb him. Li tells me, he just needs time. I hope there is enough time for him, and for all of us.


9 thoughts on “A message from the army

  1. Shit – here’s hoping they negotiate rather than just invading. It’ll be pretty bad press for them, but I don’t reckon they much care about that now. What’s the rest of the world gonna do? Every government left is busy watching its own back.

    • It is not governments we want to see us. We do this for people in their own quarantines – inside China, too. There are other quarantines in Beijing, they know they will be next if we fall. They may do something, if not here, then where they are.

    • To be brave is normal now, it is too necessary to be special. You know this when you take home a child who may be sick. To do something else, to not be brave now is too terrible.

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