Low on many things.

I only write a short update today, because there is now little electricity from the mains and I must save the battery of my workset. Worse, water supply is also cut off for days. There are rotas now to collect and chemically sterilise water for each block. This is another difficult duty for us, on top of many others – the water collectors must get up at 5 am and each make five trips, carrying 40 litres each time on a bicycle trailer from the lake.

Today, there is a dust storm, so I make the journey each time with a scarf wrapped over my face and dirt in my eyes. These storms are not so bad for the last few years, but we think the “Great Green Wall” must not be tended to this year. I don’t ever remember storms this bad inside a city, though many say it was worse at one time.

Much food is growing, but not yet ready to eat, and supplies get low. I still have my cat visitor, but no longer enough food to spare for him. Still he comes, just to spend time with me. Then he disappears for many days. I wish I could know where he goes to.


16 thoughts on “Low on many things.

  1. I’m keeping a store of water in containers while I work out how to collect rainwater without putting a big, obvious barrel outside that I’ll have to leave the store to collect it from anyhow. I try to rotate, but it means I have it standing around for a while before drinking. How’re you sterilising your water?

  2. I don’t want to be morbid – just sort of practical – is water from that lake going to be safe since you buried all those people on campus?

    • We bury the bodies a long way from the lake. You know, we have many very clever people here, and we do nothing without a meeting to decide how it will be done. But even if there is a problem with the lake water, what else should we do, not drink until the rain? We make everything as safe as we can.

  3. Thank you for letting people around the world know what has been going on, Mei. Your blog is a very important document of survival. Good luck to the Chinese students and everyone else out there.

    • Thanks, Fiona, I hope this blog is useful to others and helps them to plan for if they have an outbreak. Where do you blog from? Do you have a plan yet?

      • I am in Canada. It’s not so bad here now but I am worried about the future. For now I mostly stay in my house. Luckily my job is already telecommuting. The town has a disaster plan but reading Elaine’s blog about how things went in Australia got me worried.

        • Staying at home as much as you can is a good bet right now. The worry’s whether you get to stay in your house once they start the round-up.

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