Which apocalypse I will survive…

Today, just a quick post – this quiz about how you will survive disaster is going around the students now.  I know it will seem strange that we do a funny meme about disaster at this time, but I think the silliness of it helps us to deal with our fears.

Here is my result:

You Will Survive: Nuclear War

You Will Survive: Nuclear War

Your disaster forces you to take refuge in some kind of sealed shelter – let’s hope you get on with your fellow survivors, because you’re going to be holed up together for a long time.

Your answers show you have a strong sense of community, and will keep the group from turning on itself. Given your distaste for any kind of violence or conflict, you wouldn’t survive out on your own – but then, you probably wouldn’t see the point in that anyway. You might even succeed in building a better society – but will you be able to hold onto it when the doors open and you face the ruins?

See the story behind this quiz at http://badinfluences.org.uk

Which apocalyptic disaster will you survive?


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