I am sorry if you were worried for me – I have been too busy to blog.  The situation is very bad now.  There is now no travelling out of any province, and nobody allowed into or out of any city.  Roads and railways are closed, and many millions migrant workers and students are stranded.

I do not give up hope that I will hear from my family.  I spend a long time sitting at the workset, watching the feeds refresh again and again, waiting for a new message that I might recognise for somebody I know, before I decide to stop this.  I know my family will get a message to me, and while I wait I must look after anybody else who I can help.

I now join the volunteers to find places to live for people stranded in Beijing for the holiday.  I help to set up a forum and database so people can offer space in their home or look for a place to stay.  Many students travel back to their homes before the lockdown, so dorms are free on the campus, and we invite migrant workers to stay with us for the Spring Festival.  We are all separated from our family, and so we will all be family for each other this year.  The barriers that keep student from worker, rural from urban people, begin to break down a little.  Our community is very important to us now.


5 thoughts on “Barriers

  1. Wow, you’re really getting stuck in there. By the time Ben gets access to the affected areas, you’ll have fixed everything and he’ll have to go home again. Hope you’re doing OK.

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