Asking questions

I spend two days now trying to find news of Xiuning and nearby towns. Independent newsnets and blogs are full of talk about why towns in Anhui province are cut off from communication. Official newsnets say there is a communication satellite overloading because of New Year plans, but everybody says they try to silence the full news of the sickness.

One report gives the first case of Avian Flu at 3am 20 January, another says hospitals are full by mid-morning, and a third says that the army patrols the streets, and tells people to stay in their homes. We still do not know numbers that are sick or how far the outbreak is spread, or why there is no official news from the isolated areas. We wonder if there is more reason than sickness that they block communications for this region – perhaps there is much panic, rioting, uprising?

There are many students on the campus who cannot go home.  We begin to meet up and ask these questions together. It is good not to ask them alone.


18 thoughts on “Asking questions

  1. Hang in there, Mei. This might sound a little paranoid, but just in case whatever hit Anhui does get further north and you need to hole up for a while, you should make sure the cupboards are well-stocked.

      • I already thought this, but I am not the first. The shops already put a limit on tinned food, rice, noodles and beans for each customer. Of course, everybody can just go to the next shop and buy from there, too. I did this with Li, so we can each hold the bags when the other goes into another shop, otherwise you have to go home after each one because they check even my handbag for food!

  2. Well, I feel like I’m setting myself up for a smack down here, but I’ll say it one more time: the offer is still open. The whole offer, or as much of it as you want.

    • Jack, it is sweet to say I can live with you, and I will go to see you soon, but I will say the same thing again – I want to stay living in China, at least until I finish university. Right now, I cannot go away.

  3. I just heard the news, Mei – hoping that your family are alright. Please do let us know if we can help in any way. We’ve made donations, but it all seems a bit distant – we want to do more, but… well, let us know, anyway.

  4. Just want to make sure you’re OK. Don’t give up – your family might have gotten out before it got so bad, or they could have holed up in their house and been effectively quarantined, there’s any number of ways they could be OK – but you already knew that. Always here if you need me, K?

  5. It doesn’t look good, guys, but Mei’s OK from what I can make out. She’s got friends on campus, they’re all looking out for each other. I feel shitty not being able to be with her, though.

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