Too busy to worry

I know it is now all over the international news that the Chicken Flu from Vietnam is spread from human to human, and some case are reported in Southern China.

I want everybody to stop worrying for me!  Three reasons:

1.      Although very contagious and making some people very sick, it is not fatal for most people.  It is like a bad winter flu – it is causing a lot of problems in areas with a serious outbreak, but not disaster.

2.      Many precautions are already taken all over China to prevent spread any further.  We have already people in the university to give us information, paper face masks and anti-bacteria spray for our hands.  The more effective plastic mask with the ventilation on the front is for sale everywhere, in many sizes and colours, and this becomes a fashion for the students.  Everybody is wearing a mask and cleans the hands when going in or out a public building or transport.

3.      Beijing is a very, very long way from Guangxi, and it is only some small village in Guangxi that have the virus.

Biggest worry is that the ban on travel in and out of the Southern provinces will not end by the New Year, so people will not see their families.  We can only hope that this will not happen, and the outbreak will be over before Spring Festival.

I have to travel only to Anhui, not too far South, and this will not be difficult.

In the meantime, I have many friends now in Beida and my studies keep me very busy, so do not worry for me if I do not blog for a week – I am very safe, just busy in Beijing!


11 thoughts on “Too busy to worry

  1. Long as you’re ok – just let us know if we can help, like if there’s a national shortage of cough syrup or whatever, I’ll send you a package courtesy of Colmart.

    • My art history lecturer comes in yesterday wearing the mask with a cat face – so cute! But he takes it off for speaking. Some wear the mask all the time in public, but this is little bit too much, I think. Most people will take it off after they come into a room and sterilise the hands.

    • I look forward to when I see you in summer, but for Spring Festival I think it is important I see my family – I miss them very much, too! Please understand xxx

  2. You’re right to get on with your studies, take precautions and not panic, but I thought I should let you know what I’m hearing from my colleagues in Vietnam and Guangxi. It appears to be a more virulent strain than the authorities are letting on. That mask is more than a fashion accessory – don’t leave home without it.

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