Chicken Flu outbreak in Vietnam

I am the first posting to my blog! Where is everybody from the summer? You are all very slow, just like getting ready for the forest transect in the morning! ;-)

Everybody hears the news from Vietnam? So scary to think of so much illness very close to where we had our camp. I hope the people we meet in Tuyen Quang are healthy. I am afraid for the small farm villages – even if they have no disease, they will lose all their chickens. I think about our chickens in the camp, how we like to feed them scraps, and they fly into the tree at night, and Elaine swears very loud and didn’t believe they can fly!  I didn’t want to eat them at the end, they are part of the group.

I want to send some money to the family of the children who take our leftover food for the animals and who bring us the “special” rice wine, but I do not know how to send this to them. I try to ask the office of the Extreme Research company in Beijing, and they only send me a message to say we are not in any danger from the Chicken Flu.  Can anybody SkIMp their local office to find the information for me?

I am very busy the last few weeks with studying, and now preparing for Winter break soon. I will miss my new friends at Beida, but look forward very much to seeing my family and Xuining friends, and to celebrate the New Year and Spring Festival at home!

It is not long after 1st January, so I begin with a meme for 2026: Tell me your three resolutions!  Mine are 1) Paint a little every day 2) Keep writing my blog and 3) Go outside every day and speak to another person, so I am not just working and blogging and going crazy!  You see, without my Bad Influences, I am very good.  I tag Elaine, Jack and Ash!

23 thoughts on “Chicken Flu outbreak in Vietnam

  1. Good to hear from you, Mei! Yeah, scary news about Vietnam – but we were way out in the mountains where there aren’t so many visitors, so they should be pretty safe there.
    I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but since you’ve tagged me I’ll do a post explaining why.
    And don’t think you escape us Bad Influences that easily – we’re right here to distract you! Don’t go studying too hard, now, and remember to get blotto every weekend – it’s your duty as a student.

  2. Yeah, but responsible for what? ;) I don’t know what the youth of today are coming to with all this hard work and healthy exercise. Long as you’re having fun, sugar-snap.

  3. Hey, Mei, Elaine, you’re here! Fucking kick-ass awesome! We’re gonna rock the W4 to the core! Destroy college!

  4. I’ll SkIMp the office for you, Mei, but I doubt there’s any way to get money to those people other than wiring it to the post office and hoping someone will give them the message next time they come down to the village. Extreme Research certainly won’t be sending volunteers out there again in the near future. It might be better to just make a donation to one of the NGOs working out there – maybe Ben will know who? He was a volunteer or co-ordinator or something for Red Meds Cross Borders, wasn’t he?

  5. Or something! ;-) Hey guys – yeah, I’m still out there, but nowhere near Tuyen Quang. We’re dealing with the areas worst affected. It seems pretty well contained in Na Ham, so as long as it doesn’t spread as far as Hanoi the Northern provinces should be fairly safe. Great to see all you guys on here!

  6. Hey, Mei – guess I’d better put something on here instead of just SkIMping you every 10 minutes! Missing you loads and longing for those moonlit nights on the mountain, with chickens roasting on the fire, potatoes roosting in the bamboo…no, wait…other way around.

  7. Hey Mei – been trying to SkIMp you all day, but I don’t know if I’m getting through. Saw on the news what’s going down in China, just want to make sure you’re OK. Call me?

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